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The Essential Guide to Summer Camping in Cuyuna

Summer camping is one of the best ways to escape, rewind and recoup energy, and Cuyuna is one of the ideal places. True North Basecamp is at the heart of Cuyuna Lakes Mountain Bike Trails with access to the best of trails and Main Street Crosby. It is one of the best summer camping spots in Cuyuna.

Essential Gear For Summer Camping in Cuyuna, Minnesota

Whatever gear you choose for the Cuyuna summer camping, here's a some good advice to help make your trip even more enjoyable.

1. Pick the Right Tent

Choosing the right tent can be one of the most difficult choices that you have to make. Tent manufacturers have various recommendations, which might be a bit confusing. The best course of action is usually to get inside the tent and determine whether it is comfortable and spacious for your needs.

2. Repair Items

In a bid to lighten the backpack, the repair items are usually the first to be dropped, and it is never the wisest decision. For example, an adhesive nylon patch can quickly repair a rip on the tent or the weather jacket and salvage what was going to be the worst camping experience. A splint also comes in handy to keep the tent erect to prevent the tent from collapsing on everyone when the tent pole breaks.

3. Toilet Paper

Apart from using it at the toilet, toilet paper has many uses on a camping trip. You can use it to blow your nose, wipe dry a utensil, or even squash a bug.

4. Sleeping Pad

An inflatable sleeping pad may be a bit more expensive, but it's always worth the investment. It is cushier and comfortable.

5. Wet Wipes

Dirt and dust are two things that you can never avoid while on a camping trip. Wet wipes can help do a quick clean up before heading home.

6. Stakes and Mallet

These tools help keep the tent in place and help provide extra support when assembling the tent. Get rubber mallets with hooks at the end for pulling the stakes out.

7. First Aid Kit

Anything can occur when you are deep in the woods, away from civilization. You can get camping first aid kits from a local store that deals with camping items. Alternatively, you can assemble your own kit with bandages, hydrocortisone, Neosporin, tweezers, and painkillers.

8. Cash

Not every spot will swipe your cards, and having some cash with you is crucial. Some of the places you can use the money include paying for an extra parking spot, buying firewood, and other small items such as gift cards or trinkets.

9. Sleeping Bag and Pillow

Compact space-saving sleeping bags and pillows are helpful for easier transport and use.

10. Water Bottle

Keeping hydrated is critical, and you should bring a water bottle. Make sure the water you are refilling with is safe.

11. Bug Spray and Sunscreen

Bugs can easily make your camping experience horrible. Don't forget to carry the bug spray to keep the critters away and sunscreen to avoid sunburns.

12. Bandana

Bandana is more than just a fashion accessory. You can use it to dry your hands, wipe off the sweat on your neck, and sometimes use it to blow your nose.

13. Extra Batteries

Fully charged extra batteries for your headlamp and phone keeps you from bothering other campers. They make you self-sufficient inside your tent in the evening.

14. Extra Clothes and Footwear

Always be prepared for the worst-case scenario by having extra clothes. A camping trip can leave you smelling of smoke and sweat. If you don't have an extra pair of clothes, the camping experience will be one to forget, and which is not the main idea.

Hiking boots will keep your feet safe and comfortable when hiking. If you are swimming, you will need water shoes or sandals, and the camp shoes are ideal for the campgrounds.

15. Trash Bags

Responsible and environmentally conscious campers will always take care of their own trash. Bring extra trash bags inside the tent and while hiking.

Pick a Suitable Spot

Finding a suitable camping spot is at the top of the list. True North Basecamp has many to choose from. Sites 12, 25 and 27 work well for campers and vans up to 17 feet. Each campsite includes these amenities

  • Fire Ring with Cooking Grate

  • Picnic Table

  • Trail Connected

  • Lake Views

  • Bike Wash Access

  • On-Property WiFi Access

  • Drinking Water

Lodging Options in Cuyuna

1. Trailside and Lakefront Cabins

As the premier camping destination in Cuyuna, True North Basecamp has excellent lakefront cabins tucked surrounded by mature trees. We are just two hours from the Minneapolis and Duluth and connect directly to the mountain bike trails.

The property includes 16 wooded campsites and six cabins with kitted on Armour Mine Lake that provide a roomy and cozy getaway. Each of the cabins has its own theme to from our favorite Minnesota brands: Gear Junkie, Surly Brewing, Paddle North, Artcrank, 45NRTH and Twin Six. All have three twin beds and one full bed. True North Basecamp provides a picnic table to improve your camping experience.

All campers have access to particular amenities to match the modern conveniences they enjoy back at their city apartment. All you need is a towel, sleeping bag, and pillow, and you are set for the most relaxing experience surrounded by nature.

The shower house has heated floors, with bathrooms, a changing area, and city water. The cabins also have heating and air conditioning to provide the best sleeping environment. All the cabins provide spectacular views of nature and lakes.

2. Furnished Camping Tents

The convenience of going to a campground and finding an already set up tent is not very common, but not impossible.

True North Basecamp has ten heavy-duty and large cabin tents set on top of a wooden deck, two twin beds with innerspring mattresses, extra cots, outdoor carpet, and a Jackery battery power, side table and lamp. The tent is cozy and provides plenty of space to stretch out.

Every cabin tent has zip down screened windows that you can always open for a good dose of fresh air. The tent's door zips down to the ground to keep bugs and other small uninvited critter guests away from your haven. Although one cabin tent and host two adults, there is always an option for additional cots with foam mattresses.

These are spacious cabin tents with a 10'x12' area and a 7'5" ceiling include a fire ring with cooking grate and picnic tables.

3. Campsites

All the True North Basecamp campsites are designed to provide the best escape. Every site is spacious, with room for two six-person tents, and gives you access to all the activities you would expect from Cuyuna Lakes Recreation Area. All the wooded areas and sites have spectacular views and provide bike in bike out access to the trails.

The campground has high-speed wi-fi connectivity to keep in touch with your friends and family. There is also a bike rack for your mountain bike when you come back from the trails.

Snack Choices for Kids

Well-fueled children are happier on camping trips with lots of activities. Pick easily transportable snacks, and avoid anything that leaves a big mess that calls the critters to a party.

Great suggestions include the perennial favorite, granola bars, available in various flavors to keep the little ones happy. Other options include and Clif Bars. If you are on the trail, beef jerky can replace lunch to provide sufficient proteins and energy to keep pushing.

Dried fruits are perfect on the trail. They provide quick carbs, are healthy, and easy to transport. Fruit snacks can substitute the dried fruits if you have a kid that does not fancy them. You can also be a bit creative and bring any other food that doesn't need cooking or leave many messes.

Firewood Rules

To curb the spread of ash borer, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has put various rules and regulations on the use of firewood. The state has one of the most significant ash tree concentrations in the US, and it is vital to abide by the rules.

Every private campground has its own rules, but at a minimum, only use DNR-approved firewood. During the summer months, True North Basecamp offers firewood delivery for $7 a bundle. You can order firewood while making reservations or by texting 218-833-2267.

Building a Campfire

A camping adventure is never complete without a campfire and some roasting food. But before you build a fire, follow the regulations and do it the right way. Some campgrounds, such as True North Basecamp, have a fire ring or predetermined spot for building a fire.

Collect tinder, kindling, and larger pieces of firewood for the fire. Arrange the tinder or dry leaves at the center spot and surround it with smaller firewood pieces to light the fire. Place the bigger pieces and then cook your food or gather around for stories.

Mind Others

The campgrounds have minimal lighting, and you will likely feel tired earlier in the evening. Be mindful of other campers, and be on your best behavior. Strictly enforced quiet hours are from 10 pm to 8 am.

Don't leave anything inside the car unless you want the critterst trying to get to the leftover bread. Remember to extinguish your fire by throwing some water on it and spreading the coals, just to be sure.

When it's time to go home, leave only your footprints and not your trash or destruction. Pull your stakes off the ground and collect any bottles and containers that you brought. The bears and the bees don't need them.

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