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Minnesota Summers Are Made For Glamping

The History of Glamping

What is glamping? What started as a made up word for camping has since evolved and become the go to meaning for the happy marriage between camping in a traditional sense and luxury. While camping can mean a simple sleeping bag and campfire, glamping could be staying in a luxury tent, RV, or even a treehouse!

Glamping has become more and more popular as the years go by since the term was coined in 2007. But glamping has actually been around a lot longer than that!

Ancient Times

From the Native Americans who built and lived in tipis, to the 6th century nomadic tribes who constructed yurts, glamping has been around for ages. Yurts have become very popular these days for glamping, and they were a favorite amongst the cultures who used them because of how easy they were to set up and their ability to hold up in bad weather.

Luxury tents and shelters can be found in almost every culture and varied in size and construction. The Turkish Ottoman’s set up lavish tents for different events, essentially mobile palaces with how big and exquisite they were. No matter where they went, these elegant and luxurious tents and shelters were there for them to enjoy.

Modern Times

Moving forward in history, you can find examples of glamping with hunters in the early 20th century heading to Africa to hunt. Wealthy American and British hunters would stay in safari tents that were very well equipped with everything they were used to. Everything from generators to baths were included in these tents, depending on what they wanted.

These days, glamping is not reserved for only the wealthy. Glamping can be enjoyed by anyone and it can be done virtually anywhere. For those who want to enjoy the glamping lifestyle, there are two main options. You can bring and supply everything yourself, or you can rent out luxurious yurts and tents from others to stay in.

A great example of this are the tents you can rent from True North Basecamp. Here you can have a furnished cabin tent that allows you to avoid the stress of bringing your own gear. With everything all ready to go, you can spend the extra time enjoying the nearby lakes and trails.

Each cabin tent comes with plenty of amenities, including cots with comfortable mattresses, cot side tables with lamps, and a picnic table to eat on. Of course you will have access to showers and bathrooms, which always makes camping more enjoyable. And the best part? Wifi access and USB charging ports to make it feel like your home away from home!

Final Thoughts

Glamping has come a long way since the early days of simple tents and yurts, but it is still as alive as ever in today’s world. While camping can be a lot of fun, glamping can take your outdoor experiences to a whole new level! Book your cabin tent at

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