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Majestic and Mysterious: Discover the Enchanting World of Loons and other Minnesota Wildlife Wonders

As spring approaches, we can look forward to the return of some of Minnesota's beloved creatures, such as walleyes, monarch butterflies, and loons. As the ice and snow melt away, our attention will shift to spring turkey season, fresh starts, and the open waters.

So, grab your turkey calls and fishing gear, and get ready to learn new skills by joining the Minnesota Outdoors Skills and Stewardship Series (MOSS) webinars, brought to you by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. These webinars are scheduled every Wednesday at noon throughout the spring season and are completely free. However, pre-registration is required to participate.

The MOSS Spring Series covers various topics to enhance outdoor skills and knowledge. Whether you're interested in turkey hunting or fishing techniques for catching walleyes, there's something for everyone. Additionally, you'll learn about the conservation efforts in place to protect Minnesota's diverse wildlife, including the iconic monarch butterfly and the loon's haunting call.

To register for the upcoming webinars, visit the MOSS Spring Series registration page at this link. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn new skills, deepen your appreciation for the outdoors, and connect with fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

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