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The Best Nordic Skiing Trails to Explore in Cuyuna

Discover over 30 miles of Nordic Skiing trails near the Cuyuna Lakes Recreation Area in Crosby, Minnesota, promising an exhilarating winter escapade. These meticulously groomed cross-country ski trails cater to classic and skate skiing enthusiasts, set amidst picturesque landscapes of mature trees and scenic Mississippi River vistas.

This article features four standout trails, with trail map links and details on terrain and difficulty levels. Some trails mandate ski passes, and we've provided a convenient link for pass purchases and rental information.

Larson Lake Trail - 11.0 km double track set

Rolling hills surrounded by mature oak, white pine, and black spruce trees offer segments through tamarack bogs. It features two shelters; trail maps are available at the parking lot and along the trail. A ski pass is required, and rails are groomed Monday through Friday as needed.

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Wolf Lake Trail - 10k of single-track skiing with limited skating opportunity (1.5k skating) Slight hills with easy, moderate, and difficult loops challenge most skiers. There is a mixture of mature red and white pine (100+ years old). There is a shelter along the trail. Maps are at each intersection and trailhead parking.

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Nordic Ridge Trail - (22 kilometers)

The trail features old pines with young conifer and aspen growth with connections to the City of Crosslake recreation trails and facilities, including snowshoe trails

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French Rapids Trail - 16.0 k trackset. 10 k skate-ski. Maps along the trail. A ski pass is required. Groomed trails for classic and skate skiing surrounded by small pine trees and gorgeous views of the Mississippi River

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Ski Pass

Skiers older than 15 must have a ski pass while on groomed trails in Minnesota state parks, state forests, or state or grant-in-aid trails. Here's a link to purchase your pass

Ski Rental

REI Bloomington, MN, offer ski rental


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