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Make a plan to camp with the kids

Outdoor adventure with kids

Camping is a great Minnesota outdoor activity that offers a unique opportunity to family members to have fun while enjoying their vacation. However, when camping with your family and especially with your kids, it's smart to prepare to avoid potential hassles.

Here are some tips you would need when going tent camping with your kids:

  • Plan and prepare: Planning is always necessary for the success of any events and since most kids are not capable of planning for this kind of activity; you need to plan on their behalf too. Planning includes making a reservation at True North Basecamp; this is because most of our campsites get filled pretty quickly. In order to decrease any mistakes when planning, it is advisable for you to make a packing list. This packing list would enable you to remember all the essential materials and extras for you and pack them before you embark on your camping. Note: always double check your list before heading out. REI has created a very helpful camping checklist to make sure you have included all the proper gear

  • Lay down rules: When it comes to camping with kids, one of the factors that must not be overlooked is safety. You can spend time going over your camping rules with your kids till they completely understand and willing to obey them. Another important safety rule to learn is fire is camp fire safety. This is because camping comes with lots of campfires hence your kids are prone to come in contact with fire. Ensure you let them know basic fire safety tips and bring a fire extinguisher along with you.

  • Prepare to get dirty: Whether its fetching wood, riding on the Cuyuna mountain bike trails, swimming or doing any other camping activities, you are prone to get dirty and this more so applies to your kids as this affords them the opportunity to play a lot hence you need to plan for this. Instead of being overly cautious towards dirt, bring in more clothes that would normally have been necessary so you and your kids can change into other clothing when dirty. If you fail to prepare for this, you might just end up cutting your camping short or halting it altogether. The good thing is that our shower facilities will wash away the dirt from a day of play.

  • Come with sleeping bags and extra blankets: Sleeping in a tent is not like your normal sleeping at home where a mere one blanket is enough to get you through the night. In a tent camping, there are in most cases unexpected cool nights. Another advantage of having extra blankets is that it can serve as padding when laced under sleeping bags hence allowing you and your kid more comfort.

  • Get each kid their own flashlight: Kids usually dislike getting stuck in the dark. Get each kid a flashlight and instruct them to keep them under their pillows so they could easily access it any time they deem fit. Also, ensure the flashlight always stays in the tents and used only during the night.

  • Always prepare a quick second breakfast: This applies more to toddlers and little kids as they most often wake up hungry and can’t hold their hunger till a proper mill is cooked. Prepare them a small bowl of cereal so they could eat when getting up from the bed. This would curtail their hunger for the next 45 minutes before a proper meal is properly prepared.

  • Avoid setting a bedtime: Most parents tend to push back their normal bedtime a few hours while camping. This should not be so as there should be not set bedtime when camping. Allow yourself and your kids to have enjoyed the day and is now tired before they go to bed. A nice book or a family story can best calm everyone and pave the way to a blissful sleep.

Finally, camps are supposed to be a fun way to get in touch with nature, reality, and other people. It’s a way to create and strengthen bonds between family members and create lifetime memories. Make use of the tips above when camping with your kids to ensure you have a spending experience while camping on your next Cuyuna, Minnesota vacation. Cuyuna Country Recreation Area in Cuyuna, Minnesota is a top family destination to enjoy the outdoors.

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