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Video Tours of Cuyuna Trails

Miner's Mountain Trail

Experience the highest elevation in the Cuyuna Recreation Area at Miner's Mountain overlook. Miners built this "mountain" from iron ore tailings. It's now transformed into mountain bike trails. If you prefer to explore it by car, there's a road that gets you to the top. You'll enjoy the view of 285 feet deep Huntington Mine Lake.


Sand Hog Trail is an Award Winner

The International Mountain Bicycling Association awarded this it the Flow Country Trail Award in 2012. This trail provides geogeous views and challenging climbs and downhills that provide long, curvy thrills.


Drag Line Trail

This trail follows the shores of the 395 foot deep Portsmouth Mine Lake and near the Portsmouth Campground and swimming beach. Learn about local history at the information display on the

east side of the mine lake.


Ferrous Wheel

Inspired by the favorite carnival ride, this down hill offer berms and 360 degree turns. Your ride down this fast and fun trail promises to be exhilarating and memorable.



Riding this trail will bring back memories of watching bobsled competitions in the Olympics. It's a tree-lined trail with turn and plenty of berms. It's sure to put a smile on anyone's face and we bet you'll want to ride it more than once.


Timber Shaft Trail

This is an advanced trail that will test your and technical abilities. It circles large iron ore rocks and challenging riding features.

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