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Paddling Cuyuna Is A Summer Must Do

Updated: May 8

Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Cuyuna Photo Credits: Paddle North Paddle Boards

40 ft of water clarity

To paddleboard in Minnesota, one of the best places in Cuyuna. This was a mine pits from three decades ago are now lakes with crystal waters where you can have a lot of fun. It is an oasis of 25 miles with a natural shore.

There are fishes, among other natural beauties. You will find a lot of routes for paddleboarding. If you are beginning and don’t have the gear, renting it from one of these places is an option. Besides stand-up paddling, you can perform other aquatic sports like canoeing in kayaks and scuba diving. Other activities include hiking and biking in the beautiful forest surrounding the lakes. Now, let’s explore more about Cuyuna and stand-up paddleboarding there.

Cuyuna is the Perfect Example of a Natural Transformation

Mining was still the principal activity if you had been at Cuyuna 50 years ago. The name Cuyuna comes from Cuyler Adams, who was the man who made the discoveries of iron and manganese, which were explored for decades. It was Adam’s wife who came up with the name Cuyuna. She combined the first name of her husband and the name of their Saint Bernard dog Una.

After the mines had been abandoned, the excavations were filled with water. In a few years, the surrounding area was again covered by woods. Twenty years later, there were few traces of the mines, and a natural landscape took its place.

The Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area

Cuyuna habitats created the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area, where once were the mines. It is a complete recreational place for outdoor activities. You can camp along the shores, hike in the forest, and spend days in the wild. If you are looking for an outdoor adventure, Cuyuna is waiting for you.

The Appeal of Stand Up Paddle Boarding in Cuyuna

Paddle North Paddle Boards

Stand-up paddleboarding is particularly appealing in Cuyuna. This is because the lake holds pure and crystal waters. Since the mines were abandoned, no other industry has contaminated the area. Mother nature stood firm when reclaiming the former mines to herself.

Consequently, you can see down in the water for almost 40 feet. This fantastic view will let you know the life underneath the surface. One of the best things about stand-up paddleboarding sights of your surroundings is watching the sights. In Cuyuna, you are getting not just the views of your surroundings but also the pictures beneath the surface.

The lake opens its windows to anybody who chooses to take a ride on top of it. Cuyuna offers a perfect view of walleyes, trout, bass, and crappies. If you are thinking of fishing, you are right; it is one of the things you can do at Cuyuna.

Another beautiful thing about the lake's clear waters is that they allow visitors to take a glimpse of the old mines. The abandoned equipment is now an exciting landscape for stand-up paddleboarders and scuba divers who want to look at this place's distant past.

A Natural Refuge Close from Home

The best of Cuyuna is that it is right in the middle of Minnesota. You can get there driving by the Minnesota State HW 210. Brainerd is the closest city, and you wouldn’t believe you are so close to it when you are in the middle of a lake in Cuyuna.

When you are paddleboarding in a lake, the quietness and peace around make you feel far away from a modern city. Its privileged location makes it a two-hour drive from many places in Minnesota and even the surrounding states.

It has been a blessing to have this set of abandoned mines so close to home. Nature sent them as a reminder of its beauty and power. Regaining terrain from a former mine site took around 20 years. Now the resemblance of the mines trembles and disappear, except when you look down in the right places. There are remains of the former mining activities, and you can see them while you practice stand-up paddleboarding.

Spending Family Time in Cuyuna

The Cuyuna natural park is perfectforspendingd some family time. The waters are clean and safe, making them perfect for children. You can enjoy water activities and a campingweekendntheshoress.

Stand-up paddleboarding is just one of the many things you can do in Cuyuna. There are many facilities to make the most of your stay. If you are new to watersports, the people from Cuyuna will guide you on your first steps to make it an adventure!

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