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A few of the benefits of camping at the Cuyuna Country Recreation Area of Minnesota

A few of the benefits of camping at the Cuyuna Country Recreation Area of Minnesota

Welcome to Cuyuna

Camping is one of the best forms of relaxation. Spending time in a natural environment brings so much peace, calm and a feeling of rejuvenation. There is one place in Minnesota that can provide these features and much more. The Cuyuna Recreation Area of Minnesota is great for camping. Over 30 years ago, this area was once the home of many mining companies. Presently, it has transformed from the many mining pits and rock collections to a beautiful natural area of captivating splendor. The transparent lakes and lush vegetation this area now offers functions as a major tourist attraction. There are several benefits of camping at the Cuyuna Recreation Area of Minnesota. Read on to see some of these wonderful benefits.

Boating and Fishing

One benefit is that this is a fantastic camping spot which provides boat access. The shoreline which is over twenty-five miles of developing shoreline can be enjoyed by all nature lovers. The lakes provide a great natural area for you to view some of the underwater beauties because of the water offer 40 feet of clarity. Having boat access is a wonderful feature of the recreational area. It means that you cannot only go out camping, but you may not even need to drive to do so. Making your entire experience one of fun where you do the irregular. The lakes are also great for fishing, and there is a pier created specifically for this purpose. If you need fishing gear, bait or advice, please visit Oars-N-Mine Bait & Tackle, Crosby, MN.

Great Camping Sites

Another benefit is that if you want to experience the natural fresh air, sit under the stars and bask in the moonlight or just enjoy the outdoors then the Cuyuna Country Recreational Area is right for you. Camping is done at the Portsmouth Campground. There are 29 drive-in sites available for camping during the regular season. Additionally, there is four walk-in sites and 1 group campsite that house 25 people. Reservation is required for all sites and should be made in advance. There is also a same day reservation process, but there is a fee incurred. The city of Crosby also has a campground with 20 sites. True North Basecamp campground has 23 campsites that have easy access to Armour Mine Lake #2 and the mountain bike trails.True North Basecamp offers great views and wooded sites and reservations are available on your mobile phone or computer.

Croft Mine Historical Park

A Historic Site

If you are into history and happen to be camping in this area, have no fear. If you are spending time in a natural environment looking to get that wonderful vacation. You can still take in an interpretive exhibit. The exhibit is stationed at Croft Mine Historical Site, which unfortunately is only opened on Saturdays and Sundays. The state recreation office provides valid information about the Cuyuna Country State Recreation Area. Cuyuna was the final major iron area to be found in Minnesota and minded. Minnesota is extremely close to that Major developed area Minneapolis. Only rivers separate them. Therefore, citizens of Minneapolis can get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the large city. This city has the largest population in the state. Its capital is St. Paul, therefore the Cuyuna Recreation Area of Minnesota has a great chance of seeing a huge influx in visits primarily.

Perfect Picnicking Spot

Another benefit of camping at the Cuyuna Recreation Area of Minnesota is it is an excellent picnicking spot. Despite the fact that there are specific picnic grounds, this area still makes a wonderful place to have those outdoor food extravaganzas. There are tables and a picnic place set up at the Croft Mine site on weekends.

Rich in Wildlife

Those of you who are into wild-life and love nature will get a blast from being in this area. There are so many different species of animals that visit this recreation area. The great blue bird, kingfishers, ruffed grouse, loons and turkey vultures are a few of the birds that have been sighted here. The American Bald Eagles Frequent this area as well. Many reports have stated that cottontail rabbit, snowshoe hare, raccoon, white-tailed deer, coyote, mink, and beavers have all be spotted by visitors. The lakes help to bring many duck and geese species. This recreation area is indeed a place rich in vegetation and wildlife.


The Cuyuna Recreation Area of Minnesota is a perfect camping spot. It provides its campers with so many great things. The fishing is good and there is a pier created specifically for fishing, but many visitors prefer to take the experience to the lake via boat or canoe catching great trout and various other types of fish. The natural vegetation and exquisite wild-life provide another added benefit of being at this camping area. Taking that needed camp time might be done better if it were done at this recreation area. Taking in some of its wonderful attributes. That are sure to make you relax.

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